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Log into the Merit RADb Portal
Log Into the Merit RADb Portal

Merit RADb is a public registry of network routing information that assists with the transfer of data over the Internet.

For over 20 years, Merit RADb has been serving the Internet community. Thousands of organizations that operate networks have registered their routing policies in Merit RADb to facilitate the operation of the Internet, including Internet service providers, universities, and businesses. The information in Merit RADb enables organizations to troubleshoot routing problems, automatically configure backbone routers, generate access lists, and perform network planning.

Any organization with an autonomous system number (ASN) may register in Merit RADb for an annual fee of $495 (U.S. Dollars). Non-profit organizations may register annually for $395.

Benefits of Merit RADb

  • Provides object registration and public whois queries
  • TCP tool support (e.g., IRRToolSet)
  • Delivers reports on your network's health from an external perspective
  • Unparalleled technical support from experienced engineers
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • New maintainers registered within 24 hours of submission
  • Mirrors the data of more than 30 other IRR databases

Technical Services for Subscribers

Merit RADb's user portal provides a convenient dashboard with powerful tools for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route examination, network asset management, route asset monitoring, and network health inspection. The status of your registered network objects is easily at your fingertips. The Merit RADb portal includes the following tools and features:

Global BGP Visibility

Global BGP Visibility

Allows Merit RADb users to examine the visibility of their network routes and AS numbers from a worldwide perspective, collecting data from 38 different BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) route table view points around the globe via the Route Views Project. Merit RADb distills the connectivity information and allows users to easily compare their BGP routing information.

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Route Asset Monitoring

Route Asset Monitoring

Monitors diverse routing and host reputation data feeds and sends email notifications at custom intervals. This new feature enables organizations to better monitor the health of their routing assets.

Provides Merit RADb members with a view of their network assets from an outside perspective. Prefix alerts are generated when observed routing events in live BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) sessions conflict with information registered in Merit RADb, or differ from historically learned route origination information. This routing anomaly detection can quickly alert you to possible route hijack events.

Route Alerting

Route Alerting

Provides global BGP monitoring, using 38 data feeds from BGPMon/Route Views based collectors. This diverse routing sample now gives a richer set of alerts on every Merit RADb customer's registered routing assets.

Object Management

Object Management

Manage your registered objects through an online interface. Based on the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) standard, this feature provides a summary of registered routing objects, including as-set, aut-num, filter-set, inet-rtr, mntner, peering-set, role, route, route-set, route6, and rtr-set. You can upload multiple objects using a single text file.


Global Consistency Support

Review your relevant Regional Internet Registry (RIR) allocation information easily for accuracy. Merit RADb's portal provides several consistency checks to ensure your registered routing objects are correct and alerts members to Internet routing changes.

Object Query

Object Query

Provides customized queries for network objects.

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Merit RADb is operated by Merit Network Inc.
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